The winter season is right around the corner.

Even in Central Texas, it can reach freezing temperatures at night. There’s never a good time for your heating and air conditioning unit to fail. Keep your HVAC unit from leaving you in the cold with a annual service plan from The Source 4 HVAC.

Redeem this special offer and receive one year of maintenance to your HVAC unit for $75.  That is a $125 value and discounts on future repairs.

One-Year of Preventative Maintenance

for the price of a single visit.
($125 value)

Call 512-887-4911 to schedule your appointment.

Each maintenance visit from The Source 4 HVAC professional representative will include:

Compressor & Condenser Coil

  • Check the compressor electrical connections
  • Verify compressor performance
  • Clean & check the condenser coil
  • Verify incoming and outgoing temperature

Fan & Motor

  • Verify electrical usage
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Clean and tighten contacts
  • Check fan pulleys, adjust belt as needed


  • Check for any leaks in Refrigerant

Evaporator Coil

  • Clean coil and check fin
  • Verify entry and exit temperatures
  • Inspect & Clean drain pain
  • Inspect & Clean drain

Components & Operation

  • Heating Assembly
  • Electrical Components
  • Thermostat